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STARS Programme
STARS Programme is a mentorship and partnership-centric programme on a zero-equity basis. Participating startups will receive a broad range of support covering mentorship, business and investor matchings, proof-of-concept trials, upskilling workshops, networking opportunities and market exposure, empowering their capabilities and growths on multiple fronts. Post the Programme, some of our STARS alumni have successfully taken their innovations to the international stage, such as Consumer Electronics Show and World Summit.
Hong Kong Startup Council
Established under Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) in 2016, Hong Kong Startup Council is devoted to serving as a platform to ramp up the growth of early-stage and growing startups by connecting them with seasoned industrialists, like-minded innovators, investors, the R&D sector and the youth. The Council is tasked to turn innovative ideas into commercially viable products or services, with the purpose of creating synergies between Hong Kong's established and new economies.
Federation of Hong Kong Industries
Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) was established in 1960 to promote and foster the interests of Hong Kong’s industrial and business communities. Representing manufacturing and associated businesses from 32 industry groups, FHKI brings together like-minded entrepreneurs to spearhead the advancement of Hong Kong’s industry. Through policy advocacy, professional business support services and cross-sector collaboration, FHKI strives to build a dynamic industrial ecosystem to take forward transformation and re-industrialisation of Hong Kong's economy, sparkling new business opportunities and charting diverse paths for the younger generation.